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Capellan Confederation
Current Ambassador: Terrance Lee Xan
This information was last updated on the: 13th of July, 2019
Core Information:

     Capital: Zi-jin Cheng, Sian
     Faction Leader: Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao/Magestrix Naomi Centrella-Liao
     Military Leader: Sang-Jiang Jun Talon Zahn/Senior General Hadji Doru
     Intelligence Leader: Director Nancy Bao Lee
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Capellan Regiments 30/ Canopian Regiments 13/ Mercenary Units 17
     Mercenaries Currently Under Employ: Always Faithful, Gael's Grinders, Gregg's Long Striders, Harcourt Destructors, Hell's Black Aces: Aero Regiment, Kraken Unleashed, Lethal Injection: 1st Battalion, Little Richard's Panzer Brigade, Lockhardt's Ironsides, Marksons Marauders, Northwind Highlanders: MacLeod's Regiment, Northwind Highlanders: Northwind Hussars, Olson's Rangers, Ramilie's Hussars, Rubinksy's Light Horse, The Green Machine

Major Sub Regions Core Information:

     Region Name: Sian Commonality
     Capital: Sian
     Commander: Jiang-Jun Sarah Atreide-Liao
     Sub-Commander: Jiang-Jun Marcus Archibald
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 12%

     Region Name: Capella Commonality
     Capital: Capella
     Commander: Jiang-Jun Ni Tehn Do
     Sub-Commander: Jiang-Jun Miles Lee
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 23%

     Region Name: St. Ives Commonality
     Capital: St. Ives
     Commander: Jiang-Jun Cassandra Allard-Liao
     Sub-Commander: Jiang-Jun Henry Thai
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 17%

     Region Name: Liao Commonality
     Capital: Liao
     Commander: Jiang-Jun Jordan Petrov
     Sub-Commander: Jiang-Jun Federick Michaelson
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 28%

     Region Name: Victoria Commaonlity
     Capital: Victoria
     Commander: Jiang-Jun Petyr Andreyvich
     Sub-Commander: Jiang-Jun Adam Scahffer
     Percentage of total Faction Military Strength: 20%

System Information Pages:

Aldebaran, Ambergrist, Armaxa, Bengal, Betelgeuse, Bithinia, Brighton, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Capella, Cavalor, Denbar, Detroit, Drozan, Elgin, Foochow, Foot Fall, Frazer, Fronde, Gan Singh, Geifer, Hacked By AloneWolfs, Hall, Herotitus, Holloway, Hsien, Huanghuadian, Hunan, Hustaing, Indicass, Jacson, Jonathan, Kansu, Krin, Laconis, Liao, Lyreton, Maladar, Menke, Mitchel, Nihal, Ningpo, Pleione, Poznan, Propus, Purvo, Renown, Rollis, Saiph, Sarna, Sendalor, Shensi, Shipka, Shuen Wan, Sian, St. Andre, St. Loris, St.Ives, Styk, Tallin, Tantara, Tsitsang, Victoria, Ward, Wei

BTM Timeline Events:

11th of August, 3068
The Shadow Lancers mercenary unit takes the Taurian Concordat system of Laconis in the name of the Capellan Confederation.

2nd of June, 3074
Ambassador Benjamin Lee is assigned to the DMM from the Capellan Confederation.

1st of January, 3075 to the 9th of March, 3075
The Saiph Triumvirate is retaken by the Capellan Confederation's Ambermarle's Highlanders, Laurel's Legion, 5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry and the 2nd St. Ives Lancers.

22nd of April, 3075 to the 23rd of November, 3075
The Shraplen War begins with a surprise attack from the Taurian Concordat on Federated Suns systems and drags the Capellan Confederation into the conflict.

4th of June, 3075
Benjamin Lee resigns as Ambassador to the DMM from the Capellan Confederation.

12th of July, 3075 to the 30th of August, 3075
Kingston's VCR and Warrior House Imarra from the Capellan Confederation invade and conquer the Brisbane system of the Taurian Concordat.

28th of July, 3075 to the 30th of August, 3075
The Federated Suns system of Frazer is conquered by the 1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry of the Capellan Confederation.

1st of October, 3075
The Federated Suns retake Tikinov from the Capellan Confederation.

8th of November, 3075
Ares, a Capellan Confederation system, is annexed by the Federated Suns in retaliation for strikes by the Confederation into the Capellan March.

2nd of February, 3076
Ambassador Terrance Xan Lee is assigned to the DMM from the Capellan Confederation.

14th of May, 3076 to the 23rd of December, 3076
The mercenary unit Shadow Lancers conquers the planet Hall for the slowly growing power and pride of the Capellan Confederation

21st of July, 3077
The Federated Suns worlds of Elgin and hsien annexed by the Capellan Confederation and after months of Federated Suns rhetoric, they cede the systems to the Capellans and withdrawal their forces.

8th of August, 3077
Task Force Warhammer quickly conquers Koniz with over 15 Regiments of various firepower from the Star League, Lyran Alliance and Capellan Confederation.

29th of December, 3077
The Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus announce 5 new major colonies that are dual-run between their borders; Khitan, Abaoji Taizu, Cathay, Bengal and Parthia.

14th of May, 3078
After rhetoric from both the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns about annexing the TerraCap Confederation, the Star League acts to stabilize the region by including the small nation under SLDF protection. Both the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns are pleased with the solution as it would prevent the other house from gaining.

1st of September, 3079
The Capellan Confederation Armed Forces and the Magistracy Armed Forces become one armed forces under the Capellan Magistracy Armed Forces (CMAF).

1st of August, 3080
The Capellan Confederation and Magistracy of Canopus formally announce the Capellan-Canopian Union. For the purposes of foreign affairs, the Confederation and the Magistracy are now one nation (however, on the political map and internally, they are two distinct nations).

9th of November, 3081
The system of Bengal has been taken in the name of the Capellan Confederation / Magistracy of Canopus Alliance.

21st of February, 3083
The Federated Suns 1st Capellan Dragoons RCT and the Deuces Wild mercenary unit invade and seize Ares from the Capellan Confederation.

3rd of August, 3083
The CMAF launches its strike into the Federated Suns beginning Operation Phoenix to take and hold Tikonov. This begins the first confrontations between the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns in the 5th Succession War.

1st of October, 3084
Davion forces on Grand Base engage a well prepared and ferocious CMAF defender. However, neither side has the upper hand. Finally, the 8th WoB Division, the turncoat division from the “War in the Reaches”, enters the fray on the side of the Capellan Confederation. Reequipped with much of their confiscated equipment from the War in the Reaches, the truncated Division hits the 6th Crucis Lancers in their southward flank. This causes a stalemate in the battle for Grand Base. Having achieved their objectives, the raiding of the Grand Base 'Mech factories, what's left of the 39th Avalon Hussars and 6th Crucis Lancers begin a tatical withdrawal.

25th of November, 3084 to the 20th of January, 3085
The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command, after a short struggle with the pirate band known through out the area as Corey's Corsairs, drove the pirates off world. Having fulfilled the intent of the contract, protecting the citizen's of this Capellan Confederation world, the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command's CO, Colonel Lance McRaven implemented the clause in his contract that allows him to summon another unit in to support his unit. Gael's Grinders were summoned, and immediately following the summons, the Black Talon Phoenix military drop ships lifted for the jump point, and jumped out. Speculation is high that the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command is in pursuit of the remnants of this pirate band. Direct Comments from BTP Command elements: We have uncovered a major plot to destabilize the area, and we are doing all in our power to combat it. Be advised, while in pursuit of our current objectives, we have somehow lost contact with an entire battalion of 'mechs and equipment.

30th of November, 3084
The beginning preparatory work of the CMAF’s Tikonov invasion fleet commences as SLDF peacekeepers begin leaving their posts in the Star League Administered region bound for the border along the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation. Brief lulls in the fighting still hold elsewhere in the Inner Sphere as the SLDF bids to cease these final hostilities from growing.

8th of December, 3084 to the 31st of March, 3085
Comstar News Network- Zion The Black Wolf Ranger's wrapped up their training mission to Zion Today. Recent separatist movement attacks along with elements of the Garrison were unable to take the planet in a coup to install Col Kurst as the governor of Zion. The Black Wolf Ranger's will be staying in League space to continue bolstering the border defenses along the Capellan Confederation.

12th of December, 3084
SLDF peacekeepers arrive in the Tikonov system, but retreat under the threat of destruction by the CMAF Navy’s cordon. The fate of Tikonov will be left to the forces on the ground. Elsewhere along the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns border SLDF peacekeepers arrive as fighting simmers down.

20th of December, 3084
With the loss of Tikonov to the Capellan Confederation, the Federated Suns disable the Tikonov recharge station and relocate their administration department for the region to Ruchbah and aptly rename the PDZ after their new administrative world.

20th of March, 3085
A general ceasefire is called by the SLDF, freezing all troop movements along the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns border. Seeing this as a sign of “Davion weakness,” this fuels the fires of the Citizens for Davion Purity movement. The CMAF takes advantage of the surrenders of 1 or 2 Davion forces caught in the pincer move by Operation Neptune. They go about reequipping their forces with the captured war materials for the second half of the war they know is sure to come. Taking this as a sign from New Avalon in the Federated Suns, Nathaniel Hasek also goes about reequipping the Capellan March.

7th of May, 3085
A second Star League Senate meeting again fails to elect a new Presidential-Senator with senators from the Capellan Confederation unwilling to accept the news of Tancred Sandoval as the Regent for the young Harrison Steiner-Davion. Tancred demands the return of Tikonov to the Federated Suns and the removal of all remaining SLDF peacekeeping forces from his nation’s border with the Confederation. Capellan senators walk out on the proceedings. They are joined by the senators from the Skye Province who believe Archon Adam Steiner’s new troop deployments have left them greatly undefended. In truth these reserve units are being re-shifted to the Clan front to deal with increasing Clan Wolf hostilities while upholding an earlier promise to the SLDF high command that was an attempt to ease tensions in the region by swapping them for more SLDF peacekeeping units.

11th of May, 3085
In a possible manipulation by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao a motion to remove the SLDF peacekeepers from the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns border by Tancred Sandoval fails with the new Presidential-Senator instead pledging to send the 2nd Division as further support. A subsequent bid for more peacekeepers from the Clan front to aid the peacekeeping mission along the Draconis Combine and Federated Suns border by Tancred is likewise shot down by similar political maneuvering. As a result Tancred Sandoval formally withdraws the Federated Suns from the Star League. Parts of the 6th Army defect to the Federated Suns two weeks later.

6th of October, 3085
Leaving Abaoji Taizu, The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command are once again approached by the Capellan Confederation to investigate suspected pirate raids against the planet Lyreton. From the first enemy activity, the Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command recognizes a certain quality about the raiders, which leads them back to their old nemesis, the Word of Blake! The Black Talon Phoenix Mercenary Command was surprised to find a Taurian Defense Force unit operating on the wrong side of the border. More to follow...

25th of November, 3085
Sent to the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) planet of Lyreton, to investigate the disappearance of the village of Black Rock, the Black Talon Phoenix mercenary command unearths evidence that the Word of Blake was conducting experiments in cybernetic research on the unwilling residents. Signs existed to support that a nuclear weapon had been used to cleanse the site. Also, a Taurian unit had started demonstrating on the planet, in an attempt to annex it for the Taurian Concordat. The Black Talon Phoenix mercenary command was able to uncover, and defeat all actions being prosecuted against Lyreton and its ruling house. Sterope Legion proved to be a veteran unit of the Taurian Concordat. Word of Blake still operating in the area

10th of September, 3087
All questions concerning the mission have been forwarded to the Public Relations office. There were no comments at the time of press. Speculations have been varied. The only thing that has been confirmed is the Capellan Confederation's local Herotitus military industrial complex is in the midst of bidding on a new WiGE prototype vehicle that local sources say made quite an impression in the last few months.

14th of February, 3089
MERC-NET Transmission; Pirate at your own risk! "The Wings have not and would not take an action which would conceivably result in a loss of an ally's of the Capellan Confederations (Magistry) materiel or personnel. The insinuation recently made in the press that Akki Tsubasa would contribute in a material way to the loss of a friendly vessel is frankly ludicrous. The idea that we would do so while in a vessel named after a historical world where elements of the regiment are currently deployed is worse than bad taste, it's disrespectful to the dead." Captain Kyle McLaren; CO, Strike Group Seven (ATMU) - From the Field

3rd of October, 3089
CNN: On the Capellan Confederation held world of Kansu, House Davion launched Operation 'Rapid Denial' undertaken by the Black Wolf Rangers. The mercenaries strike again using a new Rapid Expeditionary Force. It was a lightning raid to not only deny the use of the old base Davion had abandoned on Kansu, but also to steal the dropship load of supply that the Capellans were shipping in to make the base operational and to supply the garrison. The 1st REF deployed to Kansu to destroy supplies for a secret base. Secretly landing and engaging forces on the Capellan world the BWR light regiment struck hard and was able to do so without alerting the main garrison to the destruction of the military facility. The BWR stole the supplies and made like they were blasting off with their droppers plus the one that the BWR stole from the Confederated Magistry. However, the BWR had offloaded the supplies from thier droppers into cache. The dropships lifted off empty. The 1st REF force in question, pulling this off was designed for such operations and is augmented by special forces. Standby Davion Forces were not required.

1st of January, 3090
As we begin a new year please take note of the following changes around the Inner Sphere. Lyran Alliance Gained from the old Chaos March Lipton. Gained from Free Worlds League: New Kyoto, Rahne, Wyatt. Loss to Free Worlds League: Connaught, Bordon, Dieudonne, Dubhe. Loss to ULTRA Zollikofen, Denebola. Draconis Combine Loss to ULTRA Rigil Kentarus, Fomalhaut, Yorii. Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) Loss to ULTRA Acamar, Slocum, Azha, Alrescha, Tikonov. Federated Suns Loss to ULTRA Woodstock, Yangtze, Hamal, Bharat, Nopah, Kawich, Ruchbah, Ingress. Loss to Outworlds Alliance Mitchella, Sevon. Gained from the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) New Hessen.

30th of June, 3090
Having arrived on the Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) world of Kansu in late 3088 the Black Wolf Ranger's 1st Rapid Expeditionary Force quickly landed and deployed to observe and gather intelligence on the Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) supply depot located deep in the glacier fields on the northern continent. Destroying the depot and gathering critical intelligence from the database of the depot for the Federated Suns AFFS the 1st REF began training loyal Davion loyalists to rise up and engage the Capellan forces on world.

3rd of July, 3090
The Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) has hired a sub unit from the Black Stars Mercenary Collective to provide additional support to our efforts to colonize the periphery. Your job is to help us locate and secure worlds for possible settlement. You may also be called upon to ferret out local bandits and pirates and deal with them to protect possible settlements. In addition, you may be required to provide scouting services for various Capellan Science Foundation missions and scout systems for viable planets. Since we are armed with former Blakists astrogational maps, we've been able to find worlds we haven't seen since the end of the 1st and 2nd Succession Wars. Recently, a scout team ventured into the periphery and has not returned. It's mission took it from Herotitus to parts unknown. We do know that the team stopped off at the world of Untran before contact was lost. The Black Stars were unable to find this team nor complete its mission.

15th of August, 3090
Tikonov is in an odd bind since the arrival of the United Leadership of the Tikonov Republican Army (ULTRA). The heavily industrialized world was already under contestation between the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS) and Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) Armed Forces (CMAF). Before the arrival of ULTRA, the AFFS made another assault on Tikonov in order to wrest control of the world away from the Confederated Magistracy. The two sides were engaged in heavy fighting before the arrival of ULTRA in late 3089. Since then, the conflict has devolved into a stalemate with no side being able to gain an upper hand. Tikonov August 3090.jpg The Skies Above The skies above Tikonov belong to no one. Currently, the CMAF holds the Nadir Jump Point with what appears to be Strike Group Bright Star. ULTRA holds the Zenith Jump Point with the Corinth Battle Group. In system is the Richard Davion Squadron, the smallest of the three. Right now it does not approach the planet for fear of the Capellan's superior local fighter cover, but can interdict any intersystem transport that isn’t protected by one of the two larger naval forces. Strike Group Bright Star can take on one, but not both naval enemies. Destroying one would leave them vulnerable to the other. Cornith Battle Group could probably destroy both enemy forces by itself, but they would lose most of their striking power in the process: their aerospace fighters. This would leave them unable to fulfill their role to either A) interdict incoming enemy fighters or B.) wrest control of the atmosphere due to the sizable organic aerospace contingents of local CMAF ground forces. The Richard Davion Squadron is outclassed in number of ships and tonnage per ship against both forces, and would almost certainly lose any engagement. However, its mere presence in the system is acting as a massive spoiler for control of the planet. The Ground Below The continent of Kazan, home to the capital city of Tikograd, once again is the main battle ground for this world. The planet is currently divided into four: ULTRA holds the southern part of the continent Krasnodar and is headquartered in Bulun; the CMAF holds the continent Ufa and is centered around New Moscow, and the AFFS holds Pskov and commands from Ulan. The three sides continue to awkwardly fight across the world. The seas of Tikonov prevent large scale maneuvers from the other continents, so bringing reinforcements to Kazan has been hardest on ULTRA, since no major port exists save for Rostov (CMAF controlled) in the north and and Penza in the south (AFFS controlled). The CMAF maintains the closet sea transportation line to Kazan via the Vorguta-Rostov line. Though the roads can be tough in times, especially during the winter, AFFS forces have had time enough to repair and maintain the roads through the mountains and forests toward Tikograd, giving them to the best access to land supply routes. However, the ULTRA forces rely heavily on smaller infantry based forces that require less freight weight to move, and so are able to utilize the many smaller coastal cities that dominate Kazan, as opposed to the more top-heavy (BattleMech oriented) forces of the CMAF or AFFS. This supply issue is further complicated by the possible arrival of the Richard Davion Squadron. Though the smallest of the three, it still maintains enough of a force to seriously hamper large scale redeployment of forces by the CMAF and ULTRA. The AFFS does maintain the largest BattleMech force on the planet, while the CMAF maintains the highest concentration of Aerospace forces. ULTRA, however, can call upon infantry companies and tank regiments that revolted when ULTRA finally gave the world (including their off-world brethren that are already on planet). Local Tikonov defenders split off in droves when ULTRA declared itself: the 119th and 120th Tikonov Home Guard Regiments just walked off the field during the fight between the AFFS and CMAF in January of 3090. The 21st Tikonov Liberators, a small brigade of tanks and infantry made up of mostly exiles that came with the AFFS invasion force, also joined the nascent ULTRA forces. The New Moscow Ceres Metal factories give the CMAF access to new equipment, but the threat of naval support from the Richard Davion Squadron poses serious concerns for any major CMAF push. Also, without some of the raw materials from Krasnodar and Kazan, production has slowed by 50%. ULTRA, on the other hand, has been able to maintain enough black-water naval superiority in the system that they are able to trickle in more forces by moving in the Corinth Battle Group. The local dockyards at Karaganda, however, give the Davions a large force of local defense ships that can protect the already unassailable continent of Pskov while the BattleMech heavy force makes its slow, inexorable march towards Tikograd. Stalemate The balance of power on the planet is maintained mostly by the continued balance of power in space. Strike Group Bright Star and Corinth Battle Group would both become vulnerable to the Richard Davion Squadron if the two larger groups committed to action against each other. But the Richard Davion squadron is just strong enough that any effort to remove it would result in enough losses that it would make it vulnerable to the other Battle Group. Until then, the battle on Tikonov will continue to claim lives in the thousands. The arrival of any force would need to be large enough to aid in the space battle as well as defeat the large conventional forces of the two enemy ground forces. Since no side seems willing to risk assets, it may yet come down to the arrival of a third party, probably in the form of mercenaries, to break the stalemate.

11th of December, 3090
Despite the Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) admonishment, the Taurian Concordat’s Concordat Commandos still managed to somehow thwart the ConMag’s Operation "Long Strider". It was as if the Black Talon Phoenixes had a spy in their midst during their Diversionary Raid of MacLeod's Land. Try as they might, the Black Talon Phoenixes could not predict where nor prevent the enemy from striking behind their front lines wreaking havoc on the Phoenixes vulnerable supplies, repair depots and other staging areas, but more than that the Concordat Commandos hamstrung the Phoenixes ability to wage any kind of an offensive war. They were kept in a defensive reactionary stance threw out the six month long campaign. Never once getting within 50 kilometers of their targeted objective, Pinard Protectorates Limited Facilities. It was all their supporting allies, the Black Wings and the Wings attendant DropShips and JumpShips, could do to cover the Black Talon Phoenixes tactical withdrawal from the theater. The Phoenixes suffered such extensive losses that they ceased to be a fighting force. The Mercenary Unit will mothball its remaining military hardware and close its doors until such a time where Lieutenant General Lance McRaven can sell off some salvage, rebuild his unit, and come back streamlined and much leaner and meaner.

15th of January, 3091
+++ Maskirovka Report 4506.4412.442D +++ Date: 25th February 3091 Planetary Operations: Huanghuadian SitRep: Black Stars sub-unit had eliminated over 97.8% of enemy forces. Remaining unaccounted for are strongly suspected to be remaining leadership of the pirates. 99.95% chance that these were the same who incited the Herotitus uprising. ComStar survey team and HPG restoration units were allowed to continue their work under our supervision. Necessary precautions have been put in place if their removal is required. (Refer to Contingency Option HHD/574833.567) Minimal Confederated Magistry (Capellan Confederation) forces distributed across the planet will be monitored. Recommendation: While threat level posed by remnants of pirates are negligible, it is also an undisputed fact that according to the words of their contract, the Black Stars have failed in one of their primary objectives despite the surprising completion of all other stated ones. We have ascertained that the Black Stars have their own agendas to pursue for picking up CC-PA-08-03. Further engaging with the mercenary command might be detrimental to our own objectives. Recommend immediate Red Flagging of Black Stars. +++ Report End +++

15th of June, 3095
The 7th Armored Legion FAILED on contract # CC-CD-02-05 in the timely rehearsal of the FWLM Calloway VI raid with the Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) Janissaries, in developing a plan Work with the Janissaries for a raid from the Free Worlds League, in aiding the Second St. Ives Janissaries in training up their academy graduates and green recruits, and in prepare for the Calloway VI raid in all respects for the Regional capital of the Sarna Commonality, Sarna.

7th of September, 3097
Acting on intelligence provided by the Taurian Concordat's Subaltern Jaleena Kamir, the Deuces Wild recon company, the Desert Rats, SUCCESSFULLY infiltrated the ConMag world of New Vandenberg on Recon Raid contract # PY-RR-04-06. Splitting into teams and scattering across the world to recon the defense the Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) has on the planet. The special forces have officially reported the world has been stripped of defenses.

29th of September, 3097
The Free Worlds League planet of Ohrensen uncovers its dark past as a Mercenary force hired by a rogue ConMag (Capellan Confederation) Maskirovka Operative, Sang-wei (Captain) Song Yongjia, protecting a conglomerate of investors is embroiled in a vicious planetary civil war. The Eden’s Guard and Rabid Wolves Mercenary Companies battled with a terrorist Triad force. However, the conspiracy backfired as the terrorists went rogue, killing the Director and forcing the other Triads to band together. Under the leadership of the new Director, Mary Berkwotiz, and with the help of the Eden’s Guard and Rabid Wolves, a second attempt to reinforce the Triad by the Free Worlds League was thwarted, and the hapless Company of the 4th Oriente Hussars were SUCCESSFULLY destroyed or captured on MRBC Offensive Campaign contract # FW-OC-04-03.

1st of October, 3097
Hired by a rogue ConMag (Capellan Confederation) Maskirovka Operative, Sang-wei (Captain) Song Yongjia, to assist the Eden’s Guard Security & Logistics Corporation in maintaining Government cohesion on Ohrensen, ensuring a ConMag takeover of the planet, preventing any farther damage to the infrastructure, and ensuring planetary development can continue uninterrupted on MRBC Offensive Campaign contract # FW-OC-04-04 in Free Worlds League Duchy of Oriente, the Rabid Wolves were SUCCESSFULLY in achieving these objects against the 4th Oriente Hussars

1st of November, 3097
In a Federated Suns preemptive strike against the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Tantara, proceeding Operation 'Horus Creance', the Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry Mercenary Battalion SUCCESSFULLY destroy the Tronstad military starport and the Cobalt and Rohini II storage facilities ability to operate efficiently and also verified the presences of a subterranean Star League repair depot on MRBC contract # CC-SA-04-01 while fending off the ConMag Homeguard Regiment station on planet.

24th of January, 3098
In Operation Domino, a sub-Operation of the Federated Suns Horus' Creance's I Corps diversionary raids to tie down Confederated Magistracy (Capellan Confederation) strategic reserve units, Field Marshal Ravenna Nelson-Black the I Corps Commander reported that the Black Wolf Rangers SUCCESSFULLY neutralized the ConMag's planet Hustaing's defenders, the 6th Capellan Reserve Cavalry and Warrior House Lu Sann on Diversionary Raid MRBC contract # CC-DR-04-02

25th of January, 3098
While on Operation Domino, a sub-Operation of the Federated Suns Horus' Creance's Operation, Field Marshal Ravenna Nelson-Black accepted a Black Market contract # CC-AS-02-01, an Assassination, from Field Marshal Xavier Steele, the Over All Horus' Creance Commander, and the Black Wolf Rangers SUCCESSFULLY neutralized the ConMag's (Capellan Confederation) planet Hustaing's Warrior House Lu Sann's Shiao-zhang (Lord Colonel), Ying-zhang (Lieutenant Colonel), and Lien-zhang (Major).

18th of February, 3098
Intelligence from multiple sources have identified a build up of Davion forces on the Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) St Ives Commonality border. It is expected that these forces will attempt to assault across the border at any time. The ConMag Mercenary Liaison, Mister Chen, cannot allow this to happen. He contacted the Riders Of The Damned Mercenary Unit to identify the forces being gathered across this region. Given the intelligence apparatus that house Davion have on Beid, it is assumed that any intelligence that may be available can be found on one of the facilities located on the planet. In addition, they were to disrupt or destroy any targets of opportunity protected by the Fourth Illician Lancers; that they encountered without giving themselves away. Assaulting the planet's intelligence apparatus was secondary to gathering the needed information. Riders Of The Damned made planet fall onto Bied VII against Espionage Contract # FS-ES-04-01 four months ago and have FAILED to transmit any data to one of the two JumpShips waiting for them. Per the original contract agreement, if the unit is compromised in any way, the ConMag has disavow all knowledge of their presence.

3rd of March, 3098
During Operation Horus’ Creance in the employ of the Federated Suns on Planetary Assault contract # CC-PA-06-07, the battalion of Ingersoll's Armored Cavalry SUCCESSFULLY held open a beachhead on the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Tantara against the Tormasov’s Grenadiers and the Home Guard Unit long enough for the follow on Restless Souls forces to make planetfall and provide the Souls with the golden opportunity to seize the Dreadnought Class BattleShip, the Kitty Kawk in an official After Action Report submitted by the Restless Souls, Bravo Cluster, Galaxy Captain, Nina Haney.

11th of March, 3098
The Confederated Magistry's (Capellan Confederation) Sao-shao Khiong Jiāng, Gan Singh's planetary ruler, reached out to Colonel Newton Ramilie II of the Ramilie's Hussars for Espionage contract #FW-ES-06-01 to engage in Low Intensity Conflict Operations on Zion, located in the Zion Province of the Free Worlds League's Oriente Military District. Ramilie's Hussars successfully gathered intelligence on the unit defending Zion, the 6th Free Worlds Legionnaires. They also inserted a Covert Operative into the Zion government to feed intel back to the ConMag.

17th of September, 3098
Due entirely to circumstances beyond their control, the Dark Sun Combat Corps FAILED their Freshman contract Offensive Campaign # CC-OC-06-03 for the Federated Suns when their Union Class DropShip suffered a catastrophic Star League V250 System Drive failure at launch. The Dark Sun Combat Corps was due to reinforce the Wolf's Dragoons, Alpha Regiment and its Commanding Officer, Colonel Kelly Yukinov on the ConMag (Capellan Confederation) world of Menke who were battling the Olson’s Rangers and Lethal Injection Units. Captain Zane is not alowing this mishap to deter him; however, his Dark Suns are right back in the saddle on the Lyran Alliance Security Duty contract # PY-SD-04-07.

Origin and History:

Originally settled by people from Terra’s Asian nations, one can see the roots of Chinese and Russian culture in people of House Liao’s Capellan Confederation. The smallest of the five Great Houses after centuries of unrelenting warfare, House Liao has come to embrace the harsh reality of police state politics and ruthless control to ensure their nation’s survival against its enemies. The Maskirovka, the Capellan secret police, keeps a cold and calculating eye on the Confederation’s people, who must earn their rights to be citizens, rather than expect such privileges from birth. Historically the smallest of the Successor States, the Capellan Confederation has nevertheless been a thorn in the side of Houses Davion and Marik for the past 600 years.

The official birth of the Capellan Confederation occurred in July 2367 when Franco Liao managed to draw the 5 squabbling Capellan states together by offering himself as a compromise candidate for Prime Minister of the Capellan Commonality. Franco then managed to consolidate power for himself and his heirs by playing on the fears of each member state. The Family Liao has managed to maintain a hold on power in the Capellan Confederation in this way for almost 700 years, with but two exceptions.

During the Succession Wars, and especially during the 4th Succession War, the Capellan Confederation took a massive pounding from Davion and Marik forces. During the 4th Succession War, the commonalties of Tikonov and Sarna were swallowed whole by the Federated Suns, and the Commonality of St. Ives seceded to become the St. Ives Compact. These events drove then-Chancellor Maximilian Liao to insanity. His daughter Romano took over the reins of power, and proceeded to remake the Capellan Confederation completely. Industry was nationalized, the military was remolded into a solid corps of soldiers that were more fanatical than even those of the Draconis Combine, and a reign of terror ensued as Romano purged everyone whom she felt was an enemy of the State.

(with Chinese feudal stylings)

Imperial Chinese

Dominant Language(s)
Chinese (Mandarin, official)
Chinese (Cantonese)

Dominant Religion(s)

Founding Year



Before we delve deeper into the history of the Capellan-Canopian Union, it is important for us to discuss the state of the CMAF as of January 1st 3081. For that, we have to travel back to the end of the Federated Commonwealth Civil War.

At the end of the Fed-Com Civil War, the Confederation and Magistracy coffers exploded with funds as trade expanded to meet the needs of the worse off citizenry. Weapons, food-stuffs, raw materials, etc, were especially sent into the Lyran Alliance to help the economy recover. S-Bills flowed into the Confederation and by proxy the Magistracy.

Just as that ended, the SLDF’s assault on Terra cost the Defense Force precious resources. As such, the Confederation and Magistracy stepped up production of some of their cheaper non-stealth units to quickly rebolster the SLDF army as well as rebuild Terra and the nearby systems as they were systematically cleaned of the Word of Blake presence.

This money was not pumped immediately into war economy but was dumped into the civilian economy. Large spending projects that required hundreds of thousands of people were started(including the Nihal shipyards). This money in turn expanded and raised peoples standard of living across many worlds.

In the Magistracy, infrastructure projects including building updated docking ports and supporting mining, logging and farming operations slowly opened worlds in the periphery to more development. Luxen, with its start of the art medical facilities saw C-Bill after C-Bill not only pumped into its medical research labs but into its air quality control and water maintenance facilities. On Dunianshire, the formerly military-only Dropship construction yards were upgraded to construct civilian models as well. A slow trickle of periphery made civilian dropships finally began appearing in the Magistracy for the first time in hundreds of years.

What money was pumped into the military-industrial complex was used to expand and upgrade existing plants rather than build whole new ones. On Dunianshire, the military construction yards began producing the Dictator dropship in larger quantities for CCAF and MAF as well as expanding the current Leopard production line.

On Lindenmarle, construction of small Majesty Metals and Manufacturing plant was built with funding from the Confederation. Here, the plant constructs lighter battlemechs and hovercraft such as the Stinger, Shadow Hawk and Regulator to fill out some of the smaller units' OrBats.

As this period faded out however, the Confederation and Magistracy traded as extensively as it could with their former enemy the Free Worlds League. With the Star League keeping trade lanes open, the Confederation and Magistracy could more easily trade with the Draconis Combine and finally the Lyran Alliance.

Though still poor (for a Great House), the Confederation and money garnered from Magistracy' medical experts and pleasure circuses around the Inner Sphere gained a modest income that allowed the Confederated Magistracy to splurge on building projects.

By early 3075, the emphasis made a sudden switch to more heavy military investment. The emergence of the Nihal shipyards made everything that much easier for the Capellan Confederation. From there, the Confederation began to produce not only the Feng Huang-class battlecruiser, but the latest Xuan Feng-class cruiser began to be produced as well.

With the Necromo shipyards now only producing assault dropships and occasional Impavidos, the CCAN expanded at a slightly faster pace without an attempt to break the bank of Sian or Canopus IV. With nearly twice the space to patrol however, the Confederated Magistracy needed warships and quickly. When the War with the Word of Blake exploded those extra warships produced would be invaluable to the new union.

Battlemech production also increased in the period following 3072 and really picked up after 3075. However, vehicle production increased even more due to the nature of their availability as well as cost of production.

With the CMAF's newly raised units using the Confederation's augmented lances (6 units, 4 'mechs and 2 vehicles or 2 vehicles and 4 'mechs), large battlefield formations could be created without having the dump extreme amounts of C-Bills into the production. The Liao Commonality Lancers and the ComMag Rangers exclusively use the new augmented lances: saving the Union money without a large loss of firepower. This is especially true in the periphery, where it is much cheaper and easier to find spare parts for vehicles.

From there is was really only a matter of time before the Confederated Magistracy Armed Forces totaled out to a good amount.

However, the expansion was extremely abrupt. The creation of so many new green units in a span of 13 years arguably diluted the CMAF. However, the upper-officer corps wasn't hurt so much as the individual soldier in the newly created units. For elite or veteran units, their rosters of veterans remained nearly intact save for those who needed to be transferred to fill certain positions in new units. Units like McCarron's Armored Cavalry, the Hustaing Warriors, Laurel's Legion, 4th Tau Ceti Rangers were still extremely dangerous.

Many of the newly created units were immediately sent to the Periphery, even in their infancy, to pirate hunt to at least get some action under their belt. Individual battalions of the Liao Commonality Lancers would be sent into the wilds of the periphery to specifically hunt bandits for sixth month stints. While not long, the units were only limitedly supported. Forcing units to fend for themselves with only their wits and machines to protect them. But, more than once an attendant Magistracy or Victoria Commonality Ranger unit would have to come pull them out of the fire.

Unfortunately these led to the loss of Capellan and Magistracy soldiers, but the trials by fire definitely honed their training quickly and efficiently.

Units Added since 3067 (in no particular order):

* 4th Capellan Defense Force (Grn/Reg/1 Rgt)

* 3rd St. Ives Janissary Brigade (Reg/Reg/3 Rgts)

* 1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry (Reg/Reg/3 Rgts)

* 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry (Grn/Reg/1 Rgt)

* 8th Confederation Reserve Cavalry (Grn/Ques/1 Rgt)

* 1st Liao Commonality Lancers (Grn/Ques/4 batts)

* 2nd Liao Commonality Lancers (Reg/Reg/4 batts)

* 3rd Liao Commonality Lancers (Grn/Reg/4 batts)

* Luxen's Regiment (Grn/Reg/1 rgt)

* Kassandra's Knights (Grn/Reg/1 rgt)

* 4th Canopian Light Horse (Reg/Reg/1 rgt)

Total Battlemech Sizes:

Capellan Confederation: 55 regiments and 1 battalion

Magistracy of Canopus: 20 regiments

Confederation Magistracy Rangers: 2 regiments and a command battalion

Mercenaries: 12 regiments, 2 battalions and 2 BTM units (Shadow Lancers [35 rep], Black Talon Phoenixes [10 rep]).

Total: 92 regiments and 1 battalion

So as we can well see here, the Confederated Magistracy had a good size of units compared to the other Great Houses. Their units were as prepared as any units could be when the Word of Blake struck in late 3080. Also, their navy had lost suffered losses in the war against the Federated Suns, but a surge in building smaller Impavido and Xuan-Feng class warships helped to alleviate some of their deficiencies. The Feng-Huang classes only launched two more warships since 3067: the Danai Centrella launched in 3075 and the Androsar Kiel in 3080. The smaller and less expensive Impavidos (3072, 3076, 3080) and Xuan-Feng's (3077, 3080) however saw three and two launch respectively. This brought the CMAF warship total to 12, including the derelict Aegis cruiser.

When 3081 rolled around, it's hard to wonder why the Confederated Magistracy didn't make a larger push to reinforce those bealeagured areas. One only needs to look at a map of the Inner Sphere to realize that the Confederated Magistracy needs to defend a border area the size of the Federated Suns' border worlds with a good chunk of those worlds being in the periphery. With the Free Worlds League Civil War over and the Capellan March always agitating for a fight, no borders in the Confederation were safe. And with the Marian Hegemony and Astrokazy still in the hands of Blakists (or in their pockets), no units could be moved away from that part of the Magistracy. For all intents and purposes, the only units in the Victoria and Dunianshire Commonalities were the only units actually able to respond.

In the next chapter, we will begin discussing the openings of the 3rd wave of assaults as well as the preparations and plans for the first Capellan-Canopian counter-offensive.

MHB Depot Locations:





St. Ives