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The Corporate Sector
This information was last updated on the: 7th of April, 2012
Core Information:

     Capital: Unspecified
     Faction Leader: Unspecified
     Military Leader: Unspecified
     Intelligence Leader: Unspecified
     Approximate BattleMech Regiment Strength: Unspecified

BTM Timeline Events:

26th of June, 3091
The Bloody Marauders Battalion of the Black Stars has successfully completed its Guerrilla Warfare contract with the Corporate Sector on Ruchbah. The Ruchbah system was under the control of the Unified Leadership of Tikonov Republican Army (ULTRA). Hired secretly by the Mitchell Heavy Industries to aid their 'Rogue' Freedom fighters and Ruchbah Militia. The Bloody Marauders successfully landed with no notice by the ULTRA garrison. After joining up with the Freedom fighters, the Bloody Marauders greatly assisted in making the ULTRA garrison pay heavily for their unwanted presence. In the end, the Bloody Marauders assistance forced the UTLRA garrison force to depart and the ULTRA reinforcements were forced to turn back. The MHI CEO is greatly satisfied that the primary objectives have been completed by the Bloody Marauders. The CEO also declared the contract a success.

1st of November, 3092
The Razan's Ronins employed in the Corporate Sector by Hejito Momoguchi, CEO of Mitsuhide Holdings of the Draconis Combine, who represents a Triumvirate, SUCCESSFULLY complete a Planetary Assault in which the Ronins eliminate Free World League Demichev Division resistance on Saffel, Yorii, Asta, and Altair.

28th of August, 3093
The 7th Armored Legion FAILED to protect the Corporate Sector's Power Plant on Landfall from the Marian Raiders on Garrison Duty contract FW-GD-02-02 drawn up by Mr Humphreys CEO in the Free Worlds League.