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Alice Springs Castle Brian Complex Central Australia, Terra

How It Came To Be......
The Alice Springs CBC is the largest of its kind on modern day Terra, originally it designated to head the military surplus of the SLDF back in 3068 but the politicians in the Star League Senate forced the SLDF to place their depots on the moon instead. The Alice Springs CBC was nearly fully refurbished before the decision was made to move the depots on to the moon. With the creation of the Department of Mercenary Management a year before, based on Dieron, a decision was made to transfer the central hub of the DMM to the Alice Springs CBC. The Star League Senate approved of this idea due to the isolation of the Alice Springs CBC from the rest of Terra.

Alice Springs
The city of Alice Springs is nothing but a ghost town of old derelict buildings but some poor or nefarious folk live within. During the daylight hours not a soul can be seen but at night there is activity. Rumors circle that there is an extensive cavern network under the old city. The old city is located around 25 kilometers north-east from the Alice Springs CBC.

Wards, Sectors, Zones & Spaceports

Administration Building AKA 'Admin' or 'The Block'
This is where the bulk of the Department of Mercenary Management personnel are, this is separate from the SLDF Sector and is the overall administrator of the Alice Springs Castle Brian Complex. The offices of Director, Deputy Director, Public Relations & Brokerage are located at this building.

ComStar Tower AKA 'The Tower' or 'ComStar House'
This is where all the contracts are processed and the 'paperwork' is done, some negotiations are made here in the simple conference rooms but most are done at the employer's facilities in the D-Ward, the bureaucratic engine in this tall tower like building is never ending. One of the largest ComStar News studios is also located in the 'Tower' the news team is headed by Rachell Jenner. The Complex's extensive HPG station is here as well, so all interstellar communication from the complex must go through here.

Mercenary Ward AKA 'Barracks' or 'M-Ward'
This ward houses the various mercenaries, it is wisely designed that each unit has a small compound of their own with room for Military Hardware (Except Aerial). The cost of this compound is automatically taken out of mercenary unit payments by employers in the DMM contracting system.

Commercial Ward AKA 'Entertainment Ward' or 'E-Ward'
This ward is where the various mercenaries, civilians and SLDF personnel come to relax and have a good time. There are many fights and illegal activities that occur in this ward but once the Judicator Police Guard is informed, justice is swift and brutal. There is more than just clubs and bars in the E-Ward, there are all the shops and commercial places one would expect around a complex like this.

Civilian Ward AKA 'Civi-Land' or 'C-Ward'
This is where the civilian population lives, most work for the Complex as technical or service staff. Although a growing community of mercenary families are appearing within the C-Ward, bringing the need for a Schools, Clinics and other infrastructure.

Diplomatic Ward AKA 'Promenade' or 'D-Ward'
This is a collection of large luxurious embassies, corporate compounds and independent residences that house the various employers or representatives that might hire the mercenary units under DMM registration.

Hospital Ward AKA 'The ER' or 'H-Ward'
This ward is where the various mercenaries, civilians and SLDF personnel come to receive all their medical, dental, and any of their health care needs. Due to the number of fights and illegal activities that occur in the Commercial ward the staff here has went over to a twenty four hour a day operation. It is much more than just a hospital however; fully equipped to perform any type of major surgery from a level 1 prostethesis up to a level 5, pediatric services, convelesant care, substance abuse, as well as a full psychiatric staff.

Judicator Station AKA 'The Dungeon' or 'The Station'
This facility was not originally in the Complex but became necessary in 3069 when the level of crime and civil disturbances became too much for the SLDF Military Police to deal with. The Judicator Police Guard is a joint operation of SLDF, ComStar and Civilian authorities, they have been given powers beyond most law enforcement and are not afraid to use it. Only a direct order from the Director or Deputy Director could override their actions. The Judicator Military Guard is an offshoot administration that may with Director General Dalton Cameron's permission commandeer SLDF military forces to pursue and punish rogue mercenary units under DMM registration, fortunately the need to use this directive has not been needed thus far.

Primary Spaceport AKA 'DZ-City' or 'Portland'
This is primary spaceport for all mercenary and civilian supply dropships, it has 50 fully integrated DS platforms but can handle nearly 100 more on ferrocrete that stretches out into the desert.

SLDF Sector AKA 'The Fort' or 'Desert outpost'
Is where the entire SLDF 6th Division is based under the command of Major General Tammiko Maudlin. The Division in reality, is positioned throughout the entirety of Terra and under the 'Terran Security Act' defense plan. Generally at any given time there is at least one battalion of 9th Division forces located at 'The Fort' Although thanks to generous funding, the Castle Brian automated turret network is operational and by itself has the firepower to take on even a Clan frontline Cluster.

SLDF Spaceport AKA 'Undercity' or 'The Cauldron'
Is where all official SLDF dropships land, enormous doors open on ground level and allow up to 15 large dropships to dock down in a protected facility deep underground. It has the reputation of getting really hot, with all the superheated air from the dropship exhausts together with the hot Australian outback sun.

Military Hardware, Munitions & Parts Depot AKA 'The Shop' or 'The Armory'
This is where all SLDF, MHB & Civilian munitions and parts are stored. The storage areas are built into a cliff bedrock and is designed to be highly secured. The area is highly restricted to authorized people only, mercenaries must get authorization from both the DMM and the DQ (Department of the Quartermaster). But contrary to common belief, most of the Military Hardware purchased by mercenary units are actually shipped from depots and other locations throughout the Inner Sphere.

Testing Range 1 to 15 AKA 'The Ranges' or 'Wastelands'
This is where everyone punishes the sand for being there or hunts each other in mock battles, the high level of heavy metals in the environment makes it hard to use sensors.