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Sample Character Biography

Name: Todd Malloy
Callsign: Kit
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 180cm (Please use Centimeters)
Weight: 56kg (Please use Kilograms)
Date of Birth: 30th June, 3044 (The current year is 3106)
Languages: English, German, French & some Japanese
Interests: Classical Music & Interstellar Politics.
Place of Birth: Federated Suns
Planet (Optional): Map 3106
Race/Culture: German
Desired Mercenary Unit: Dragon Slayers
Desired Weight Class: Medium
Desired Vehicle Type: Battlemech
Fighting Style: Long Range Brawler
Preferred Position: Officer

Character History
Kit is from the relatively obscure Davion world of Kentwood. To listen to him talk about it, it's the only place in the Inner Sphere with trees. An arboreal paradise with no industrial base whatsoever, Kit's home-world is decidedly a back-water. Thus, he grew up free and happy, learning as his parents had to sustain himself with Kentwood’s bounty. He might have spent all his life there were it not for the arrival of the JumpShip Grant.

The Grant was one of the Vagabond Schools famous for traveling from world to world improving the Federated Commonwealth's literacy rate. With little more than a greeting and a promise to return in a year, it dropped a converted DropShip full of teachers and learning materials.

These lessons opened a whole new world for Kit, or rather, a galaxy full of worlds. When the Grant did indeed return, he bid farewell to his old life and joined its' crew to give others the opportunity to see things anew as he had.

Unfortunately, this step into a larger universe also had its' costs. When his savings had run out and his FedCom salary was cut, Kit had no choice but to find another job. As jobs in the forestry industry were few and far between, the military was Kit's best option. To his surprise, he excelled there, too. It all went by in a sanguine blur: Basic training, AIT, duty against the Clans, more training, more dangerous duty assignments, and suddenly, peace.

Once it was all over, Kit worried that he'd changed too much to go home again. He tried a stint in Kentwood's garrison, but even this had soured because of the FedCom Civil War. As he had no desire to stand against people he had considered friends and allies, Kit's moved off-world again, and found a posting with the Shadow Lancers.

Since he joined up with the ‘Lancers on Kyeinnisan, things have once again been looking up for Kit. His first goal of undoing the damage of a years’ worth of “slumming around the Inner Sphere” was accomplished in a dangerously short span of time. Under a difficult training regimen, he dropped nearly thirty kilograms in two short months and is in better shape than when he left Cestus Academy. Despite his current posting as a MechWarrior, cross-training with the company's NCO staff, security, and the technical personnel has brought all of his old ‘leg infantry’ skills back to fighting trim.

On 27 FEB 3070, Kit's achievements in the unit were recognized by a promotion to the rank of Sergeant, and more importantly the posting of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Thorstein's Lance NCO. Thus far, the styles of the two men have meshed fairly well, allowing them to avoid total failure in the "Garrison" contract in the Draconis Combine relatively unscathed.

On 11 JAN 3071, after the former Executive Officer (Lieutenant Senior Grade Woochnya Myhaylovych) and former Quartermaster Nelson left the 'Lancers within hours of Operation CM-PA-06-01 (Data Classified), Kit was put in charge of making sure the unit got it's equipment, effectively making him acting company quartermaster. It seems that because of his apparently irrepressible personality, Kit excels at even the worst work Captain Kerran has to throw at him.

Kit has lost only one 'Mech to date, a PXH-6D Phoenix Hawk. He's since proved he's worth more than it was, having purchased a TR-1 Wraith with the proceeds from his work as a mercenary with the Shadow Lancers.

Personality Profile
Usuallly, Kit's personality is best described as 'fox-like'. He's stealthy by inclination and was made sneaky by training. Despite this, the young MechWarrior is winsome, energetic, and quite loyal to those he sees as being on 'his side'. For a mercenary, Kit has an unfortunate tendency to see the world in black and white. At the present time (mid-July, 3071), colleagues and friends alike have been expressing concern for the MechWarrior's mental health. Kit has been taking an ever-increasing number of risks in the field, and has been notably short-tempered for the past six months. When asked about his behavior, he usually jokes that he has an allergic reaction to paperwork.