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Join Procedures

You want to join but you need some help?
Along the time we have realized that people sometime are too tired or to new at this and need a bit of help in order to go through all the paperwork. Don’t panic when you hear the word paperwork because there isn’t much of it. We will take this step-by-step in order for you to get to the fun part as soon as possible.

1) You have arrived at the Battletech Mercenaries Community and first you should learn some thing about us. If you haven’t we suggest for you to go through the Newcomer’s Guide and read the work we have there according to your needs.

2) Next would be to look at the Units currently active with the MRBC (Mercenary Review & Bonding Commission) and after reading their details, decide which you think you would fir best.

3) Next you will have to create you character (Maximum of 5). In order to do this we suggest some simple guidelines regarding general policies.

- Your character should be at least 18 years of age as it would be easier for you to play him. Younger characters are plagued by mental issues if showed the face of war and that would make it harder for you to play him.

- You will need to take into consideration the experience of you character and his skills. If your character is too young (for example 19) don’t expect to have some very high skills on him. Experience comes with age.

- Check the unit and see where your character would fit best. Maybe you want your unit to greet you with open arms because you just hate the clans so much or maybe you’re a clanner that is seen with disgust and hate by your future unit. It all depends how challenging you want your fun to be.

- A detailed character history and biography would suit you better as CO tend to think highly of such players, but if you can’t make it interesting it’s better to write what you can and develop your writing skills along the way because the quality is better over quantity

- Suggested sources for you character creation are Mechwarrior 1st, 2nd & 3rd Editions, Major House Field Manuals and Mechwarrior's Guide To The Clans. If you don’t own them the forum members are always happy to help and remember that not all units require character sheets from their players.

4) Now that you have created your character it’s time to join your desire unit. Hit the Join button on the website and create an account. Once the account is created please login in. After you logged in you will see a short table with some options. Hit the “Make a Character Application to a MU (Mercenary Unit)”

5) Complete the field required and before proceeding to the character field look carefully and you will find a Sample Biography. Open it, but don’t take into consideration the short discrepancies that might be found in it regarding names and such and just study the process.

6) Fill in each field from the character section of the application form. When you reach history and biography if you have created beforehand these, just copy paste them there.

7) Last field would be a post to see how good you are at writing. Above the field you can find links to Rules and sample posts in order to know what is the minimal standard required for your post. After writing it we suggest using a spell check in order to avoid unwanted mistakes which are caused by PC writing.

8) Just send it. As it was stated in the beginning of the application the information will only viewed by the MRBC Staff and your future MUCO.

9) The application will be processed by the MRBC in up to 72 hours during which the unit CO would also be let known of your application.

10) From here comes the hardest part. And that is to have patience until you are given an answer. The MUCO and MRBC might contact you in order clear out details or such.

11) After you have received the approval of the MRBC and your new CO to join you have two options at your disposal depending of which unit you have selected.

- If your unit is based on mailing lists you will have to follow your CO’s advice on how to join the mailing lists as each unit might have different procedures

- In case your unit is forum based you will have to register on the forums with your callsign or character name and under the Department of Mercenary Management thread look for the topic named Mercenary Unit Affiliation requests and post your affiliation request in order to get access to all areas of your forum based unit.

12) One last advice. Remember that we all do this for fun and we have Real Lives to take care of also so do not think that we don’t care if we don’t answer right away. We do and we will until the last man!

13) Enjoy!