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Unit Assigned Date Commenced Date Concluded Processed By Confirmed By
Razans Ronins 10th of September, 2018 6th of December, 2018 MRBC: Comstar Office Remington von Wolffe
Registered Contract: RD-PA-04-03
Al Hillah
Galactic Coordinates: 
X: -25.37 Y: 178.81
Days to Jump Point: 
6 days
Al Hillah
Primary Planetary Climate: 
Approximate Population: 
550 Million People
Capital City: 
Contract Type: 
Planetary Assault
Primary Operational Terrain: 
Contract Duration: 
4 Months (60 Days in REAL TIME) negotiable
Draconis Combine
Employer Contact: 
Chu-sa Abner Yoshida
Command Rights: 
Liaison Assigned
Forces Recommended: 
A Regiment Strength Detachment
Supporting Forces: 
7th Pesht Regulars
Enemy Forces: 
1st Drakon Cluster (Tundra Galaxy, KungsArme)
Supplement Contracts Offered: 
Objective Raid
Bounty Per Word: 
1,500 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty: 
48,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target: 
80,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Category: 
Type-A Salvage

Beneath a blazing class A7 star, the Azami world of Al Hillah is a true desert planet. Completely uninhabitable at the equator without life support, the poles are the only places that the hardiest plant life can survive. Sunlight at the temperate zones is just barely tolerable to the unprotected human eye.

[3097 update]

By itself Al Hillah is of little value, with populations centered around the polar regions carefully harvesting the world's limited resources of food and mined materials. But its position between worlds like Orestes and Tukayyid has greatly increased the amount of shipping traffic that goes through the solar system in the last couple of decades. As a result the dropship facilities and starport facilities at the poles have seen considerable expansion and growth in both their capabilities and storage capacity. These services have become a primary driver of the world's economy. The world has also benefited from Clan technology, borrowing many of the same technological marvels that allowed the Clans to develop some of the more hostile environments among the Clan homeworlds.

Socio-Industrial Levels:
Technological Development
World of moderate advancement; average educational systems and medical care; microelectronics can not be manufactured.
Industrialization Level
Basic heavy industry at level of 22nd century; fusion engines possible but no complex products (including BattleMechs).
Raw Material Dependence
World/system must import much of its raw materials.
Industrial Output
World has a small industrial base that may produce a limited number of products for export.
Agricultural Dependence
World is agriculturally poor and must import much of its food to supplement what is grown.

The Draconis Combine is prepared to regain the initiative after losing so much to the Rasalhague Dominion and Clan Snow Raven in the Star Bridge War. While that conflict zone has descended into a slew of raids and counterraids, the Combine sees opportunity elsewhere.

Orestes is a vital world to the Dominion and its loss would be a major victory for the Dragon. But strategically, it also makes sense to secure Al Hillah, its neighbor. Al Hillah would be too convenient a massing point for a counterattack. So by securing Al Hillah, we extend the front line away from Orestes, allowing us time to secure it and integrate it into the Combine.

The 1st Drakon Cluster of the KungsArme is stationed on Al Hillah. We are sending the 7th Pesht Regulars, but this command, recently rebuilt after heavy fighting early in the Star Bridge War, includes a lot of green replacement troops and academy graduates. By comparison we believe the 1st Drakon Cluster to be a solid unit with a lot of veteran Rasalhague troops with excellent equipment. In addition, a significant percentage of the Al Hillah population are Clan or Rasalhague by heritage and will be resistant to Combine rule. We expect the Azami and anti-Clan segments of the people to be more grateful, but in the minority and accustomed to being suppressed by their Clan masters. Due these factors we want to increase the size of the invasion force by adding your command.

You will link up with the 7th Pesht Regulars at a classified staging world, and the assault on Al Hillah will begin shortly thereafter.

1) Secure Al Hillah for the Dragon
2) Coordinate your actions with the 7th Pesht Regulars

1) Limit collateral damage to civilian facilities
2) Assist in any efforts that will make the transition easier for the population