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Unit Assigned Date Commenced Days in REAL TIME Projected Conclusion Date Failure Date
Edens Guard 30th of November, 2018 90 days 28th of February, 2019 30th of March, 2019
Registered Contract: FW-PA-06-03
Galactic Coordinates: 
X: -12.675 Y: 57.082
Days to Jump Point: 
43 days
Primary Planetary Climate: 
Approximate Population: 
Unknown or under 1 million people
Capital City: 
Contract Type: 
Planetary Assault
Primary Operational Terrain: 
Contract Duration: 
6 Months (90 Days in REAL TIME) negotiable
Employer Contact: 
Precentor VI Saralee Aarden
Command Rights: 
Liaison Assigned
Forces Recommended: 
A Company Strength Detachment
Supporting Forces: 
83rd Com Guards Division (The White Cyclones-IV gamma), the 143rd Division, The Focht Hussars IV-delta Division, 4th Com Guard Navy Castrum Pocket Warship Squadron
Enemy Forces: 
1st Covenant Guards Division (True Devotion IV-Gamma)
Supplement Contracts Offered: 
Bounty Per Word: 
1,400 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty: 
24,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target: 
48,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Category: 
Type-D Salvage

Spectral class: A2V (primary), A5V (secondary)
Planets: 12
System position: 9
Jump point distance: 43 days
Moons: None
Surface gravity: 0.98
Atmospheric pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial temperature: 44°C
Surface water: 31%
Highest native life: Plants

Sabik is a smallish world orbiting between two stars that are each approximately 3.5 times as large as Terra's Sol. The world is a combination of harsh deserts, rugged mountains, and jagged cliffs. There are only a few mineral resources, and these are locked away deep in the mountain ranges which makes extraction difficult and not economically viable.

Early History
By 2341 Sabik had been colonized and would become a part of the Lone Star Province of the Terran Hegemony, but only the Star League saw any real use for Sabik: The SLDF established two testing, training, and evaluation facilities on the world. The Harsh Terrain Test Center (HTTC) evaluated the performance of new infantry weapons, BattleMechs, and combat vehicles under the harshest desert conditions. The SLDF also created the Special Armed Services Training Center (SASTC) on the world. Here, the SLDF's Special Armed Services teams underwent training and evaluation.

Other than the SLDF presence on Sabik the major population of the planet was largely transitory, being composed mainly of those working on five or ten year contracts as a part of the mining industry. The contracts tended to be lucrative, to reflect the high-risk nature of the mining industry within the harsh Sabik environment, working the rich mineral deposits found across the planet.

Amaris Civil War
As with every other planet in the Terran Hegemony, Sabik was caught up with the coup launched by Stefan Amaris on the 27th of December 2766. Rim Worlds Republic forces attacked the single Castle Brian on Sabik and the SASTC with nuclear strikes, but while the two facilities were damaged, being nuked failed to destroy them completely; the SASTC took heavier damage than the Castle Brian, but the underground bunkers and hangars beneath the SASTC survived.

Visiting the SLDF troops for the holiday season on Sabik was General Koji Talasko, Director of the SLDF Special Forces Command; the attacks caught him and the SLDF units on Sabik by surprise, but Talasko survived the initial attacks and personally planned and then led the SLDF counterattack against the Republican forces that had landed. Talasko and his troops weren't able to stop the Republicans from looting the bulk of the raw materials stored on Sabik, but within a few days the SLDF had pushed the Rim Worlds forces off the planet.

Faced with the prospect of bringing in WarShips or drafting in additional ground forces to hunt down Talasko and his relatively small force of Special Forces personnel, the Rim Worlds forces instead decided to disable the planetary HPG and removed every JumpShip in the system. They then left a handful of sentry vessels in place to monitor the system, and left Talasko and his forces isolated, in control of Sabik, but with no way to leave the system and with Sabik cut off from the rest of the Hegemony. Talasko had brought his own assault DropShip with him, which had survived the attacks, and the SLDF still had a number of other intact DropShips available to them, but the SLDF troops had nowhere to go, and had no options other than to try and repair the HPG and to wait for reinforcements.

In 2783 the Lyran Commonwealth annexed Sabik.

Succession Wars
The Draconis Combine took control of the world after the fall of the first Star League. ComStar also established one of their bases on the world. Unbeknownst to the Dragon, ComStar found a hidden SLDF facility below the HTTC that contained two mixed companies of BattleMechs and tanks, but more importantly, detailed files on every Commonwealth and Combine world within five jumps of Sabik.

The Lyran Commonwealth captured Sabik as one of their conquests during Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG in the Fourth Succession War, although the mercenary unit Barrett's Fusiliers would lose half its' strength to the defending Kingston Caballeros during the struggle. Having pushed the Caballeros off Sabik, the Fusiliers assumed that it would take the Caballeros some time to rebuild. What the Fusiliers didn't realise was that the Caballeros has a substantial stockpile of materiel on Moore, along with enough technical manpower to rebuild quickly. While the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces launched the final wave of attacks made under GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG the DCMS launched a series of counter-attacks, and Sabik was one of the worlds hit. The rebuilt Caballeros returned in strength, and the Fusiliers were reduced to a single battalion in strength before they finally retreated from Sabik, ceding the world back to the Combine.

After a lull the Commonwealth went on the offensive again with Operation HOLDUR. The Commonwealth attacked Sabik for a second time, this time deploying the fresh Twenty-fourth Lyran Guards. Although adverse weather conditions on Sabik forced the Twenty-fourth to redeploy to secondary landing zones rather than being able to make their primary landing zone, the Twenty-fourth deployed in the middle of a blizzard and began closing on the Caballeros. The militia on Sabik used the ice caves to launch surprise hit-and-run attacks on the Guards, but were unable to prevent the Guards from closing on the town of Zoa, where the Caballeros were based. Despite being outnumbered the Caballeros squared off against the Guards bravely, wiping out Alpha Company of the Guards' First Battalion before being forced to retreat before the full weight of the RCT could be brought down on them.

3098 UpDate
Today, Sabik's political ruler is Governor Peter Yu and it's Military Leader is Colonel Timothy Jarra. Sabik is little more than an outpost, with no agricultural or mineral wealth worth exploiting, though some corporations have expressed an interest - as many before - in mining the hazardous asteroid belts, and using Sabik itself as a home for their local headquarters. Sabik has no continents per se, but boasts a single ocean in its northern hemisphere, Black Oasis, from which a number of minor rivers radiate across the otherwise barren surface. The capital of Mofestos, is located on the northern shores of this ocean, a mere 500 kilometers from the planet's north pole.

Sabik has absolutely no resources that cannot be exploited in other systems. In fact, it appears that the SLDF found the only real use for the world when it established the HTTC and SASTC. What ComStar discovered, completely without the Free Worlds League's knowledge, in fact, was the presence of an SLDF staging base, hidden well beneath the HTTC command center.

Socio-Industrial Levels:
Technological Development
Some advancement; poor educational systems; medical care at level of 21st-22nd century; microelectronics industry non-existent; some areas with higher rating possible, but privately run/held.
Industrialization Level
Some industrialization at level of mid-20th century; fusion reactors imported.
Raw Material Dependence
World/system heavily dependant on imports for almost all of its raw materials.
Industrial Output
World must import most of its heavy industrial and high-tech needs.
Agricultural Dependence
World is agriculturally poor and must import much of its food to supplement what is grown.

As part of our military alliance with the Draconis Combine, ComStar has been routing Com Guard divisions into the Combine’s front with the Free Worlds League. One of these units, the 83rd Com Guards Division, was recently involved in a failed assault on Athenry. It suffered heavy losses and was pulled back to La Blon. The supporting DCMS armor, infantry and Admiralty forces practically died to the last man. Although the division is still a combat capable force, it has been diminished by the loss of the equivalent loss of two entire battalions (Level IIIs) of its force. Furthermore, a number of its best Acolytes and Adepts died on Athenry under the guns of the 2nd Free Worlds Legionnaires.

Reinforcements are being routed to La Blon and have already begun to arrive. The division has begun a training cycle to integrate those troops. In the more immediate term however, ROM thinks La Blon may come under attack.

At this point the Free Worlds League knows that the 83rd is damaged. They also know that it represents the only line unit on La Blon. We anticipate a heavy raid or invasion. To lessen the danger the 4th Assault Dropship Squadron has been stationed at La Blon as well.

We need your unit to help stiffen La Blon’s defense. You will report to the 83rd Division’s Precentor Aarden, who will provide the particulars on your defensive assignment. If you do well here, you may be offered a supplemental contract to work with the 83rd Division on its next offensive assignment.

Major Penelope Trumbull allow me to begin our negotiations by congratulating your Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation on an exemplary performance on your La Blon Defensive Campaign. I have received nothing but HPGs containing flowery praises from Governor Kotaro Sekozawa. Let us drink to a job well done. Just as I had promised, you have been invited back to support the 83rd Com Guards Division again by Precentor VI Saralee Aarden in the Planetary Assault of the Marik holdings world of Sabik.

Sabik is an inconsequential world as far as worlds go in the larger scheme of the Inner Sphere; however, it has garnered the Primus' attention due to our ROM Mu/Mu Branch's, (Information and Analysis) discovery of the location of a long defunct Castle Brian. Penelope, darling, that look does not fit well on you. Pick up your jaw from off the floor.

What we require of your unit is to breach the Castle Brian, upload its entire memory core to our Castrum Class Pocket WarShip for later retrieval, and to reformat the core. If you can not reasonably accomplish these mission objectives you are hereby ordered to destroy the cores. ComStar does not want any more technology falling into Agatha Marik's hands.

ROM estimates your unit, The White Cyclones, and the 143rd Division, The Focht Hussars IV-delta Division, will have roughly six months before the Marik can muster any kind of real reinforcements. You must secure the jumppoints, the planetary spaceport, and be firmly entrenched by that time or all is for naught.

You will be opposed by the Free Worlds League 1st Covenant Guards Division (True Devotion IV-Gamma) , Commanded by Precentor Mohammed Chandler. Intel tells us that at least one Level III is permanently stationed at Hanover City on Gibson. At this time, we so no reason to change your Liaison officer, Adept II Yasamin Shiarazi, as you seemed to work well together. May the Peace of Blake be with you.

1) Breach the Castle Brian, upload memory core, and format the core's hardrive
2) Assist the 83rd and the 143rd in establishing a beachhead

1) Establish Bulworks and Defensive Fortifications
2) If unable to complete primary objective, Destroy the memory cores