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Registered Contract: FS-ES-04-01
Galactic Coordinates: 
X: 125.71 Y: -245.93
Days to Jump Point: 
4 days
Beid VII
Primary Planetary Climate: 
Approximate Population: 
1.049 Billion People
Capital City: 
Contract Type: 
Primary Operational Terrain: 
Urban, Light
Contract Duration: 
4 Months (60 Days in REAL TIME) negotiable
Capellan Confederation
Employer Contact: 
Mr. Chen
Command Rights: 
Independent Command
Forces Recommended: 
A Company Strength Detachment
Supporting Forces: 
Enemy Forces: 
Fourth Illician Lancers (uncomfirmed)
Supplement Contracts Offered: 
Bounty Per Word: 
1,200 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty: 
14,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target: 
54,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Category: 
Type-C Salvage

A world of mild climates and varying terrain, Beid offers little in the way of resources, which has left it mostly intact during the Succession Wars despite being on or near the border between the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns.

However, despite the lack of significant resources, Beid is a natural communications hub for the Federated Suns military and intelligence apparatus where the Confederated Magistry is concerned. It is also the home of three separate intelligence facilities that assist in the monitoring of communications and cyphers across the border.

Socio-Industrial Levels:
Technological Development
Advanced world with access to many new technologies; world hosts universities; good medical care available, though without benefit of bionics and other cutting-edge technologies; basic microelectronics industry.
Industrialization Level
Moderately industrialized; may produce a limited number/quantity of specific complex products.
Raw Material Dependence
World/system produces some of the raw materials needed and imports the rest.
Industrial Output
World has a moderate industrial base that produces a few different categories of products, exporting some of the output.
Agricultural Dependence
World has and environment producing most foods, but relies on some imports for food not capable of being grown.

Intelligence from multiple sources have identified a build up of Davion forces on the border. It is expected that these forces will attempt to assault across the border at any time. We cannot allow this to happen.

The objective of your unit is to identify the forces being gathered across this region. Given the intelligence apparatus that the Davions have on Beid, it is assumed that any intelligence that may be available can be found on one of the facilities located on the planet. In addition, disrupt or destroy any targets of opportunity that you may encounter without giving yourself away. Assaulting the planet's intelligence apparatus is secondary to gathering the needed information.

Get the intelligence that is needed, transmit it to one of the two JumpShips waiting for you, and escape the planet. Once the intelligence is received, your contract will be considered complete. If your unit is compromised, we will disavow all knowledge of your presence.

1) Gather intelligence on the potential military build up
2) Escape the planet without being detected or detained

1) Disrupt or destroy any targets of opportunity
2) N/A