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Registered Contract: CC-OC-02-02
Gan Singh
Galactic Coordinates: 
X: 41.99 Y: -80.33
Days to Jump Point: 
13 days
Gan Singh
Primary Planetary Climate: 
Approximate Population: 
1.354 Billion People
Capital City: 
Contract Type: 
Offensive Campaign
Primary Operational Terrain: 
Contract Duration: 
2 Months (30 Days in REAL TIME) negotiable
Capellan Confederation
Employer Contact: 
Sang-Jiang Jun Talon Zahn
Command Rights: 
Independent Command
Forces Recommended: 
A Battalion Strength Detachment
Supporting Forces: 
Enemy Forces: 
Free Worlds League
Supplement Contracts Offered: 
Offensive Campaign
Bounty Per Word: 
900 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty: 
14,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target: 
63,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Category: 
Type-C Salvage

Once the second member world of the Styk Commonality, Styk was the industrial world, while Gan Singh supplied the industrial base with its vast resources. Gan Singh was settled during the late 22nd century. Many people from Southeast Asia migrated to Gan Singh during one of the early waves of migration from Terra.

In 2366, Gan Singh, Styk, and other worlds of the Tikonov Union joined the Capellan Confederation in response to the growing Davion aggression. Gan Singh and Styk were captured by Federated Suns forces during the Fourth Succession War. Both worlds recovered from the devastation and began life again under new governments set up by the Federated Commonwealth. In 3057, when the FedCom split because of the Archon-Prince's attempt to supplant the son of the Free Worlds League, Gan Singh was abandoned. Styk and Gan Singh then formed the Styk Commonality Defense Alliance.

The planet's northern and southern seas contain four temperate continents of rolling hills, and two large tropical continents are located near Gan Singh's equator. Calcutta, Satara, Jaipur, and Jhansi are the four temperate continents. Eighty percent of the population is located on these continents. The capital city, Mughal, is on the eastern coast of Calcutta. The tropical continents of Sambalpur and Nagpur generate most of the world's food.

Socio-Industrial Levels:
Technological Development
Advanced world with access to many new technologies; world hosts universities; good medical care available, though without benefit of bionics and other cutting-edge technologies; basic microelectronics industry.
Industrialization Level
Moderately industrialized; may produce a limited number/quantity of specific complex products.
Raw Material Dependence
World/system produces all the raw materials needed and occasionally exports a small surplus.
Industrial Output
World has a moderate industrial base that produces a few different categories of products, exporting some of the output.
Agricultural Dependence
World has abundant environment producing enough to sustain the population using agriculture technologies; limited exports.

Gan Singh was one of several worlds taken during the ULTRA / FWL campaign across the former Chaos March. While neither have attempted further assaults against the Confederated Magistry, the Celestial Wisdom has decreed that no world where citizens of the Confederated Magistry reside shall be left under the yoke of foreign oppressors. To this end, the AFCM is beginning a campaign to rid our worlds of the FWL forces.

Gan Singh has been selected as the first target in this campaign as it lies close to the ever important world of Liao, which is still held by forces of the Confederated Magistry. By retaking Gan Singh and bring the system back into the embrace of the Celestial Wisdom, Liao is also brought back into that same embrace.

The first step in this campaign is to recon Gan Singh with an eye towards bringing the planet back into the arms of the Confederated Magistry. This will include identifying enemy forces and facilities, landing zones for follow up forces, and contacting those loyal resistance fighters that may still be on planet.

The forces of the enemy are unknown at this time, but we are certain that any mercenary force of battalion size will be sufficient to begin this campaign. As the campaign continues, supporting forces will be committed.

The mercenary force that accepts this contract should understand that they are not bound to continue with the campaign, but doing so would greatly benefit both the Confederated Magistry and the unit as well.

1) Recon the enemy forces to determine identity and strength
2) Identify enemy fortifications and facilities

1) Identify landing zones for follow up forces
2) Communicate with any resistance forces on the planet